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20kg Competition Bar

4.400 kr

1-4 dagers levering | 30 dagers åpent kjøp

Gymstick Competition Bar 20kg plate bar is made of high quality materials. The bar has a tension strength of up to 190k and is made of spring steel, which gives it a suitable flexibility, i.e. Whipp. Needle bearing combined with 2 x sleeve bearings ensures very soft and accurate rotation, making this plate rod a really good option for professional training at home or quality-conscious gyms. Dual grip marks on the bar (81 and 91cm). Grip 28mm. Suitable for 50mm plate weights. Bar length 220cm. Maximum load 680kg.

  • Color: Black-Red
  • Material: Steel
  • Max. load (kg): 680
  • Product Weight (kg): 20
  • Package Weight (kg): 22.9
  • Operating Environment: Pro
  • Warranty (mo): We compensate for material and manufacturing defects
  • Product (cm): 220 x 7.5 x 7.5
  • Package (cm): 224 x 9 x 9
  • Note: Grip length 129cm. Grip diameter 28mm. Grip markings 81 and 91cm. Suitable for 50mm plate weights.